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About Us

The Prestwick Homeowners Association of Frankfort is a not-for-profit Illinois corporation made up of those who own property in Prestwick.

It was formed to promote the general welfare of the community and to encourage, foster and protects the best interests of those who reside within Prestwick. The Prestwick Homeowners Association of Frankfort also acts to improve and enhance the beauty and desirability of our community and cooperates with area public officials in securing improvements that are necessary to the well-being of our residents.

The function of the Prestwick Homeowners Association of Frankfort is crucial to maintaining Prestwick as a desirable residential area. Now that Prestwick is part of the Village of Frankfort, the Homeowners Association has taken on a new role: to solve the problems that come up between a community and a municipality and to act as an emissary to resolve our mutual concerns. Another obligation of the Homeowners Association is the approval of all new homes, additions, or alterations which was transferred to the Association by the developer Arthur T. McIntosh & Company. It is with these factors in mind that the Prestwick Homeowners Association of Frankfort needs the full support of all Prestwick property owners.

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